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Fletcher Pump Distributing Waukesha Wisconsin

Well Water Pipes / Fittings / Installation Accessories


Fletcher Pump Distributing

Fletcher Pump Distributing procures an array of products from many manufacturers and suppliers, thus providing a single wholesale source for our commercial contractors with competitive pricing for well water pipes, fittings and installation accessories.

As one of Wisconsin’s leading distibutors of brass and copper fittings, pipes, pitless adapters, plastic pipe, poly pipe, ball and check valves, hydrants, tank tees, buried tanks and more, we can provide all the necessary products to complete the installation of your project.

We carry top brands from American Granby, Ammex, Baker Water Systems, Boshart, Cello, Centennial Plastics, Cresline, Flomatic, Kitz, Legend, Maass Midwest, Merrill Mfg, Simmons Mfg, Southwire, Strataflo and White Water.

Wastewater Pumps by Liberty Pumps
Liberty Wastewater Pumps
Wastewater Pumps by Little Giant

American Granby Fittings and Accessories
Ammex Gloves
Baker Water Systems Pitless Adapters and Accessories
Boshart Industries Fittings and Accessories
Cello Products Brass and Copper Fittings
Centennial Plastics Poly Pipe
Crestline Plastic Pipe and Poly Pipe
Flomatic Check Valves
Kitz Ball Valves
Legend Valves, Fittings and Accessories
Maass Midwest Pitless Adapters and Accessories
Merrill Mfg Fittings and Accessories
Simmons Mfg Check Valves, Hydrants and Tank Tees
Strataflo Check Valves
Whitewater Mfg Buried Tanks and Pitless Units
Southwire Mfg Company

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