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Well Water Pumps / Tanks


About Well Pumps

A well pump is a device which raises water from your well, then delivers it to a well storage tank until it is needed. It is under pressure so when you need the water for washing dishes or taking a shower, the water is then released immediately for use. The well pump is a pump and electric motor, which is known as the well pump unit.

Well pumps are made by many different vendors including Amtrol, Berkeley®, Flexcon Industries, F&W® Flint and Walling, Myers®, Sta-Rite®, and more. Some well pumps are designed to remove water from a source, and others are used to force water to the water system.

Well Pump Sizes and Types

These pumps come in varies sizes and types. The pump sizes can be for shallow wells or deep wells. Two of the more common pump types are submersible and jet pumps. So it is critical to select the proper pump size based on the design of the water well system. The well pump must meet the normal peak demand of the residence or business, so having the correct size pump is crucial for satisfactory water delivery.

Wastewater Pumps by Liberty Pumps
Wastewater Pumps by Liberty Pumps
Wastewater Pumps by Liberty Pumps

About Well Tanks

A well tank stores the water for your home or business until the well pump is ready to deliver it to faucets, sinks, laundry, etc. The stored water remains under pressure until it is needed. The water is kept under pressure in the well tank through compressed air. If the water is not being used, the well tank will continue filling until it reaches the pressure set point, which then signals the well pump to stop.

When a water valve is opened in the home or business, the air pressure in the water tank forces water into the water pipes until it reaches it’s destination. Once the pressure falls enough, the well pump starts again until the well tank is filled.

Well Tank Types

There are three main types of ANSI-approved pressure well tanks which are bladder or diaphragm well tanks, plain tanks, and plain steel tanks. The water well contractor will determine which tank is required for the household water needs.

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